Every elegant Breeze wedding
is completely unique. The only
thing we package is the price.
You create your own wedding from the first moment

From venue to menu, from invitations to wedding officiant, from flowers to photography, from music to the cake, there are plenty of elegant and exciting alternatives from which to choose.

An experienced Breeze wedding planner is always there to offer just the right amount of assistance. Some busy brides or those who live hours away prefer that our wedding planner simplify their lives. Others work hand in hand through every detail. Either way, planning your wedding is a ‘breeze.’

Of course, you can add to any of our three packages. Our package pricing exists to ensure the most value and to allow you to budget accurately from the first day we meet. You and your wedding planner can discuss alternatives and add-ons to each package. The most common upgrade is to a different venue of choice.