Rain Rain, Go Away

So, you opted for an outside wedding. Wonderful! Who doesn’t love a scenic outdoor celebration?

The wedding date and location were chosen. The invitations went out. Everything was planned and ready to go (that might be an over exaggeration). And then, in the days leading up to what was supposed to be a picture-perfect day, you’re faced with the horror that there’s a good chance of a downpour on your big day. Humidity,  puddles, rain, oh my! What the heck, mother nature?!


 Don’t panic! Don’t pout! There is hope! It isn’t entirely true that you can’t plan for rain…


Consider the weather when choosing your venue

In the beginning stages of your wedding planning, try to choose a venue that has a desired outside space as well as roomy inside shelter for a plan B. Some local options that we love would be Magnolia Plantation’s roomy and rustic Carriage House, or the ever scenic and beautiful Harborside East, or even the elegant and versatile space at Cannon Green, just to name a few! Charleston has so many wonderful venues that could easily accommodate your plan B. If your venue does not have any coverage from the rain, invest in a tent or large stand umbrellas. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


cannon green

Cannon Green

Richard Bell Photography

Harborside East

carraige house 3

The Carriage House

Don’t forget the rain gear!

 I’ve seen it before: regular size umbrellas just don’t cut it to ensure the wedding party (especially the bride!) make it to the venue dry. Get a few golf umbrellas before the wedding to be on the safe side. They’re bigger than average umbrellas and give more coverage. You can also easily find cheap umbrellas to lend to guests, too.

Here’s a cute idea: stick them in an umbrella stand with either tags or a sign that reads “For rain or shine.” If the heavens open up and guests are blinded from becoming vampires after being stuck under gloomy clouds all week/day, the umbrellas can also offer shield from the sun! Ingenious.


Colette Kulig Photography

Colette Kulig Photography

Get yourself some cute rain boots! If you’ll be saying “I do” on the green, you don’t want those heels to be sinking into that soggy grass during your ceremony. If you don’t want to give up your heels but also don’t feel like sinking into mushy ground, get yourself some heeled/wedged rain boots! Make sure you don’t forget some thick socks for those puddle jumpers. You don’t need to be nursing a cold on your honeymoon!


Caitlin Thomas via Wedding Chicks

Caitlin Thomas Photography

And they would make for a cute photo op, to boot! (See what I did there?)


Susan Stripling

Hair & Makeup  

If you’re anything like me, your hair doesn’t fare well in the humidity. Keep that in mind when choosing your hair style. If it happens to rain, or even if it’s over cast and humid, avoid wearing your hair down. Curls and rainy weather are not friends.  And donning a ‘do that isn’t too extravagant is worth some thought as well. As the great Da Vinci put it, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Brides Magazine blog wrote a great article on this subject of hair and humidity. You can check it out HERE.


natural hair

The Right Hairstyle

happy wedd

Happy Wedd

As far as makeup goes, ask your artist to use rain-proof cosmetics such as water-proof mascara and eye-liner. A skilled make up artist should already know what to pull out of the make up kit for a rainy day. If you’re unsure or worried about your makeup and coiffure not lasting past the ceremony, ask your hair and makeup artists if they’ll stick around to do touch ups before the reception (if they’re on location, of course). Or, bring some of your own touch-up tools if the hair and make up artists won’t be around.

Did you know? 

Supposedly, rain on your wedding day is an omen of good luck.  It has been said that rain signifies fertility. Why? Because, rain=growth. Rain births plants, flowers, vegetation, etc. It’s also a sign of a sort of cleansing of the negativity of your past life, washing away all the old hurts and suffering of life before marriage. Along the same line, it’s been said that rain also represents renewal. The Old is washed away, the Now & Forever is born. I love that.


Richard Bell Photography

Richard Bell Photography

Carpe Diem 

Take full advantage, rainy day wedders! Rainy days make the most stunning photo opportunities. See for yourself:


Ariel Renae Photography


Del Sol Photography


Del Sol Photography


Jonathan Suckling


Gustavo Vanassi


Ryan Brenizer Photography


Sofia Plana


Michelle Lindsell

Kiss and dance and play in the rain with abandon. This is your wedding day, Lovers. This is the day you become One with your Forever Love.

As the years go by, you’ll remember less and less about the minor details of this day.

But you will remember the way you felt together.

So breathe, relax, and savor the moment with each other.


“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

Author Unknown



x0, Gina

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