Happy Valentine’s Month!

Can you smell it?


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(You: “Smell what?”)

The LOVE in the air! 

(You: *eyeroll*)

Happy month of all things love and hearts and candy, oh my! I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that it’s not Valentine’s day that all of us cheesy romantics celebrate- it’s Valentine’s month.

“February” is this month’s real, lame name. Like my daughter’s real, lame name is “Isabelle” but her cool name that everyone knows her by is Izzy. Ya feel me? (Totally kidding about her name, by the way. Please don’t tell her I said that…)



I’ve scoured the web for tasteful Valentine’s themed wedding ideas, and I was pleasantly surprised. One of my favorite finds was this collage of ombre Valentine’s Day wedding ideas that Wedshare put together:


And this ombre floral table runner from Grey Likes Weddings made me gasp. Is this shot not so captivating?! 


Minted stuck with the traditional sweat-heart colors to put together an adorable collage that is somehow making me hungry for Valentine m&ms…



And Luv and I Do’s vintage take on a love-themed wedding is so charming!



This glitzy theme from Cherry Blossoms and Faeriewings is tons of fun with the flair of the metallic accent.



Let’s not forget about Valentine’s Day proposals!


Thinking about popping the big question this Feb. 14? If you’re feeling crafty, take a gander at this DIY Valentine’s Day Proposal Box Tutorial with step-by-step pictures (if you’re more of a visual learner like me).

These proposal ideas are adorable, simple, and super romantic! Not too much work, and definitely not lacking in thoughtfulness.


And if you’re bummed that you’re without a beau to get cheesy with this Valentine’s Day, chin up! Never let your happiness depend on others, friends. 😉 


Go out and love those around you today! You’ll be surprised what it can do for the heart. Happy loving! 🙂 

xo, Gina


Jenna & Mitch


Jenna and Mitch’s day was filled with simple elegance and hearty laughter. They said “I do” at Pepper Plantation Pavillion under a hazy Carolina sky.


Jenna donned heirloom jewelry and blue velvet heels as she approached her captivated, teary-eyed groom. They shared a quiet, special moment embraced as they gazed at the spot where they would soon wed.



Votives and vases of copper and gold lined the tables with Branch’s beautiful and delicate garden blooms. When the sun finally said goodnight, the whole pavillion glowed with tea lights and hanging bulbs. Pretty dreamy if you ask me!



Caroline Ro flawlessly captured the sweetest moments and scenes!

For more of Jenna and Mitch’s darling day, take a peak at this super sweet Dock House Digital highlight reel! Goose bumps, y’all. All the goosebumps.


Jenna + Mitch {Wedding Highlight Trailer} from Dock House Digital on Vimeo.



Event Coordination and Design: Breeze // Venue: Pepper Plantation Pavillion //  Photography: Caroline Ro //  Florals: Branch Design Studio // Catering: Duvall // Cake: Wildflour Pastry //  Music: Other Brother Entertainment // Bridesmaids Attire: JCrew // Men’s Attire: The Black Tux // Gown: Modern Troussea        Videography: Dock House Digital



Some of the Hottest Trends for 2017


It’s a new year folks, so you know what that means! It means lots of pretty little rings on pretty little fingers!

For those who have found themselves recently engaged, a big CONGRATULATIONS from everyone here at Breeze! *does the happy dance while confetti falls from the sky*

I’ve taken the liberty of researching 2017’s hottest wedding trends for you all. These are the most popular I’ve seen floating around the web…


Go Green

Wanna take a wild guess what the most trending current topic was? You got it: greenery! In fact, you can expect to see more greens than flowers. Bring on the table garland, hanging greens, and alluring wreaths!


via Weddingomania

via Weddingomania

Lauren Kinsey via Yoj Events




The trend is so fashionable that Pantone, the experts in all things color, named “Greenery” the color of the year:

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.”

Too fitting!



via Weddings Online





Shift to Neutral

Neutrals ranging from charcoal to grays to browns are quickly on the rise in the design world. Michelle Cousins of Michelle Leo Events in Utah put it simply, as quoted by Bridal Guide:

“This color palette is perfect for the bride who wants to achieve a classic, sophisticated feel that won’t seem dated or look too trendy in years to come,”


via Elegant Wedding Invites

via Oh Best Day Ever



Take it Off

You’ve probably caught on that we are in the age of comfort and fashion (YAY JEGGINGS), and wedding couture has evolved with these times. More and more brides are opting for wedding gowns with removable skirts, making mingling and dancing a breeze. Convertible gowns are great for movin’ to the music because they’re made with exactly that in mind- not too short, not too snug, just comfortable and classy!


Hayley Paige

Tara Keeley




Shimmer and Shine

The verdict is in: you’ll be seeing even more of an emphasis on metallics this year. I saw this theme pretty consistently in different articles around the web, with Style Me Pretty citing one of those pro-metallic voices:

“Metallics will be big in 2017- incorporating them into your big day is a great way to elevate the formality and glamor of your wedding while straying away from traditional gold and silver.” — Easton Events


Erica Velasco Photography via Artfully Wed

Toni Lynn Photography

Southbound Bride




Flower Power

Floral art is rapidly becoming a favored way to give delicate grandeur to the composition. This bloomy decor adds originality with countless design opportunities!

Melissa Marshall Photography via Junebug Weddings

via Hi Miss Puff


Sara Kate Photography via Munaluchi Bride




A Change in Scenery

In the wedding world, design and planning have taken on a more creative approach, thinking outside of the box to put more of an emphasis on experience rather than tradition.  From countryliving.com:

‘Other popular picks this year will be mills, industrial warehouses, and other spaces with lots of history. “There’s an authenticity and beautiful vibe to these venues, and it’s heartening for couples to know that they’re contributing to the ongoing history of the space,” reports Australian wedding venue service WedShed.’


Leif Brandt Photography

Pete Snell Photography

JBM Photography via Venue Report


Rustic is taking on a new meaning, ditching the barn and bringing in swank industrial venues, as wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes predicts:

We’ll start to see more indoor weddings in industrial spaces—think warehouses, downtown lofts, and charming cafes. But we also expect that outdoor venues (farms, open fields, backyards, and garden settings) will remain popular with stylish brides and grooms.



Wedding photographers are always thinking up new and ingenious ways to document. Drones are increasing in popularity, and photographers have jumped on the bandwagon.

An article from The Knot summed it up well:

“Since drones are so versatile, you’ll be able to get creative with your wedding shots. Gather your guests on the lawn to spell out words or organize them in other fun ways. Gyokeres says he’s caught several incredible, emotional moments that wouldn’t have been possible to get from the ground, like the bride and her father hiding on one side of the house while the groom waits to see her at the altar—all in one shot. (We get choked up just thinking about it!) Rogers tells us some of the best photos end up being a couple’s ceremony exit, surrounded by the sprawling landscape or cityscape. The contrast between the intimacy of those moments and the epic grandeur of the vista makes these shots so spectacular.”



Of course, trends are subjective, so not everyone will fancy these fads. Do you think our predictions are accurate? Let us know what you think!

Happy planning!

xo, Gina








Amanda & Rick



Beach weddings are quite lovely in theory, but they can be difficult to pull off. You never really know, the shores might be feeling a little cheeky that day and summon the wind gods to blind everyone with sand and demolish the decor and carry the officiant away like Mary Poppins and LOOK OUT ITS A TSUNAMI






Nah, just kidding.

That rarely happens…



ark-371 ark-021





ark-286 ark-209ark-096 ark-018





ark-008 ark-421



Don’t let that worry you though, I’ve got a real good one for y’all to ogle today!

Here before you is a beach wedding that was flawless. No loss of vision, no flying priest, and no giant wave. On the contrary, the weather behaved that beautiful November evening, and everything was stunning- right down to the lively couple.

Amanda and Rick chose to wed at The Edge of America, with the sand beneath their feet and the sea as their backdrop. It was a very fine choice indeed! They preferred an intimate wedding with close friends and family to witness the nuptials. Amanda was almost always laughing or smiling with a kind of smile thats make you want to smile. An infectious joy, if you will. Rick would gaze upon his bride like you would expect any man to look at a soul he so purely adores.



ark-409 ark-055ark-010-1 ark-472





ark-245 ark-004





ark-525 ark-440ark-003 ark-552



The theme was simple, clean, beachy. The drift wood arbor, the gold coral centerpieces, the various graceful floral arrangements- they all worked hand in hand to create that breezy, beachy vibe.

After the ceremony, the party made their way to a charming beach house where they dined and danced to their heart’s content! Watching Rick and Amanda- especially Amanda- relax and cut loose was priceless. What an enjoyable couple- with great taste to boot!



ark-423 ark-023








See? Didn’t that make you swoon? Thank goodness for Rick and Amanda and their good taste in weddings! 🙂

Cheers to this sweet bride and groom!

And cheers to beach weddings!

xo, Gina







Event Coordination and Design: Breeze // Ceremony & Reception Venue: Folly Beach //  Photography: Stephen Blackmon // Rentals: Ooh Events, EventWorks // Florals: Branch Design Studio // Catering: Duvall // Cake: Swank Desserts // Music: Other Brother Entertainment

Courtney & Ray





Dearest readers, meet sweet Courtney and handsome Ray!

These adorable fitness fanatics were married at Magnolia’s Carriage House on a beautiful Spring evening.



ferraro-0083-a ferraro-0258-aferraro-0291-a-copy ferraro-0339-a-copy
ferraro-0113-a-copy ferraro-0472-a-copy



They had such beautiful taste in decor. They wanted more of a clean, natural look. Branch made that look come to life with their angelic arrangements of whites and pinks and peaches. They collaborated with Delicious Desserts to create an elegant, simple cake with pops of floral charm.






Full of humor and happiness, the whole day was fun and relaxed from the get-go. The entire wedding party knew how to chillax (chill + relax, in case you’re not hip with slang) and have a great time! Even the guests shared that same sparkling energy.



ferraro-0651-a-copy  ferraro-0337-a-copyferraro-0244-a  ferraro-0707-aferraro-0344-a-copy  ferraro-0324-a-copy



Courtney and Ray have the best humor. They really are so funny. Which is probably why everyone was so happy and relaxed all day!
And what’s more, they really know how to make people feel comfortable and appreciated. So naturally, they were a pleasure to work with!






Here’s a cute fun fact: Ray’s friends call him “The Hulk” because of how massive and muscular he is. Hence, the Hulk head chocolates. What a clever way to add originality to the party!



ferraro-1067-a-copy  ferraro-0884-aferraro-0825-a-copy  ferraro-0203-a-copyferraro-1105-a-copy  ferraro-0820-a



The day was so much more than what you see here. There were so many special and hilarious moments- from the pre-ceremony dressing to the surprise send-off (see above pic for Courtney’s reaction to said send-off).





Oh, and speaking of that surprise send off… Instead of being led by sparklers to a set of luxury or vintage wheels, Courtney’s new hubby had waiting for her a brand-spankin-new Mercedes-Benz!

I think that’s a good start to a long, happy marriage. Don’t you? 🙂



xo, Gina





Event Coordination and Design: Breeze // Ceremony & Reception Venue: Magnolia Carriage House // Officiant: Allen Johnson //  Photography: Richard Bell Photography // Rentals: EventHaus // Draping: Yoj Events // Florals: Branch Design Studio // Catering: Duvall // Cake: Delicious Desserts // Ceremony Music: Kathleen Wilson // Reception Music: Other Brother // Table Numbers & Stationary: Dodeline Design


Rain Rain, Go Away

So, you opted for an outside wedding. Wonderful! Who doesn’t love a scenic outdoor celebration?

The wedding date and location were chosen. The invitations went out. Everything was planned and ready to go (that might be an over exaggeration). And then, in the days leading up to what was supposed to be a picture-perfect day, you’re faced with the horror that there’s a good chance of a downpour on your big day. Humidity,  puddles, rain, oh my! What the heck, mother nature?!


 Don’t panic! Don’t pout! There is hope! It isn’t entirely true that you can’t plan for rain…


Consider the weather when choosing your venue

In the beginning stages of your wedding planning, try to choose a venue that has a desired outside space as well as roomy inside shelter for a plan B. Some local options that we love would be Magnolia Plantation’s roomy and rustic Carriage House, or the ever scenic and beautiful Harborside East, or even the elegant and versatile space at Cannon Green, just to name a few! Charleston has so many wonderful venues that could easily accommodate your plan B. If your venue does not have any coverage from the rain, invest in a tent or large stand umbrellas. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


cannon green

Cannon Green

Richard Bell Photography

Harborside East

carraige house 3

The Carriage House

Don’t forget the rain gear!

 I’ve seen it before: regular size umbrellas just don’t cut it to ensure the wedding party (especially the bride!) make it to the venue dry. Get a few golf umbrellas before the wedding to be on the safe side. They’re bigger than average umbrellas and give more coverage. You can also easily find cheap umbrellas to lend to guests, too.

Here’s a cute idea: stick them in an umbrella stand with either tags or a sign that reads “For rain or shine.” If the heavens open up and guests are blinded from becoming vampires after being stuck under gloomy clouds all week/day, the umbrellas can also offer shield from the sun! Ingenious.


Colette Kulig Photography

Colette Kulig Photography

Get yourself some cute rain boots! If you’ll be saying “I do” on the green, you don’t want those heels to be sinking into that soggy grass during your ceremony. If you don’t want to give up your heels but also don’t feel like sinking into mushy ground, get yourself some heeled/wedged rain boots! Make sure you don’t forget some thick socks for those puddle jumpers. You don’t need to be nursing a cold on your honeymoon!


Caitlin Thomas via Wedding Chicks

Caitlin Thomas Photography

And they would make for a cute photo op, to boot! (See what I did there?)


Susan Stripling

Hair & Makeup  

If you’re anything like me, your hair doesn’t fare well in the humidity. Keep that in mind when choosing your hair style. If it happens to rain, or even if it’s over cast and humid, avoid wearing your hair down. Curls and rainy weather are not friends.  And donning a ‘do that isn’t too extravagant is worth some thought as well. As the great Da Vinci put it, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Brides Magazine blog wrote a great article on this subject of hair and humidity. You can check it out HERE.


natural hair

The Right Hairstyle

happy wedd

Happy Wedd

As far as makeup goes, ask your artist to use rain-proof cosmetics such as water-proof mascara and eye-liner. A skilled make up artist should already know what to pull out of the make up kit for a rainy day. If you’re unsure or worried about your makeup and coiffure not lasting past the ceremony, ask your hair and makeup artists if they’ll stick around to do touch ups before the reception (if they’re on location, of course). Or, bring some of your own touch-up tools if the hair and make up artists won’t be around.

Did you know? 

Supposedly, rain on your wedding day is an omen of good luck.  It has been said that rain signifies fertility. Why? Because, rain=growth. Rain births plants, flowers, vegetation, etc. It’s also a sign of a sort of cleansing of the negativity of your past life, washing away all the old hurts and suffering of life before marriage. Along the same line, it’s been said that rain also represents renewal. The Old is washed away, the Now & Forever is born. I love that.


Richard Bell Photography

Richard Bell Photography

Carpe Diem 

Take full advantage, rainy day wedders! Rainy days make the most stunning photo opportunities. See for yourself:


Ariel Renae Photography


Del Sol Photography


Del Sol Photography


Jonathan Suckling


Gustavo Vanassi


Ryan Brenizer Photography


Sofia Plana


Michelle Lindsell

Kiss and dance and play in the rain with abandon. This is your wedding day, Lovers. This is the day you become One with your Forever Love.

As the years go by, you’ll remember less and less about the minor details of this day.

But you will remember the way you felt together.

So breathe, relax, and savor the moment with each other.


“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

Author Unknown



x0, Gina

Mr. + Mrs.

Their wedding was intimate and personal. Both had family from opposing parts of the state travel to the Charleston ceremony on the Ashley River. Posies of varying greenery, flowers, and fresh lavender from Branch Design Studio marked the aisles leading up to the giant oak tree. She looked ever so lovely in her flowing white gown and he looked so handsome and sharp as they exchanged their I Do’s. His child-like excitement and her beautiful dimply smile is enough to make a girl swoon!







KeithLovesMeghan-343The greenery of Magnolia’s Conservatory complimented their rich color design beautifully! It blended right in with the assorted leaves lining the tables. Deep tones of purple, burgundy, and green filled the space with an air of elegance. Outside, the open deck allowed guests plenty of room for dance and conversation. Stringed lights hung above, making the area look super dreamy as the sun went down. Guests were free to sit and visit one another among lit tea lights or get down with Other Brother to the eclectic mix of jams on the party deck!








All present enjoyed an intimate, fun, and certainly memorable evening celebrating the joining of these two lovely souls. When the night came to an end, guests said goodbye with sparklers and cheers as Charleston Style Limo‘s Mercedes whisked them to their next destination as husband and wife. Cheers to this extra sweet couple!

xo, Gina


Event Coordination and Design: Breeze // Ceremony & Reception Venue: Magnolia Conservatory // Officiant: Steve Vickers //  Photography: Diana Deaver Weddings // Rentals: EventHaus //Florals: Branch Design Studio // Catering: Duvall // Cake: Delicious Desserts // Ceremony Music: Christopher Teves // Reception Music: Other Brother // Departure Car: Charleston Style Limo

Doris + Kendal

She’s a city girl that loves pink and peonies and a good party. He’s a country boy that loves spending time outdoors in his beloved Jeep. Doris is an 8th grade Spanish teacher and Kendal is a Navy vet. And they couldn’t be more perfect for each other! The couple waited a year to wed- they wanted to wait for Doris’ Marine Corps brother and their Navy friends to return from deployment. Doris and Kendal couldn’t get married without their biggest supporters there!


The atmosphere was relaxed and sweet for the ceremony as Guatemalan traditions were infused to honor Doris’ heritage. And for the party favors, a family friend who grows coffee sent small bags of the coffee in traditional Guatemalan textiles. How awesome is that?! Shades of pink roses and peonies lined tables and jars, with gold votives to accent. They wanted their reception to be a kind of party theme, and it totally was! Pink and gold are such fun party colors! The pink was inspired by Doris’ love of the movie Steel Magnolias. If you haven’t ever seen the film, do yourself a huge favor and watch it asap!

pre-ceremony-6      reception-17  reception-33

 The reception also had a more manly visual appeal: Kendal’s sports photos, photos of his time in the Navy, along with other personal trinkets, sat on a table in a sort of Man-Cave corner. And right in the middle of said table sat a bada** groom’s cake from Delicious Desserts. They made a 1/43 replica of Kendal’s very own jeep climbing a mountain. So. Cool. And for the wedding cake: an artistic take on the NY skyline. I’m obsessed with that cake. Also, Kendal made the table numbers out of logos. Isn’t that a fun idea?!

reception-22reception-41       bridegroom-4  reception-188

 I really love how these two exhibited this sweet “city girl meets country boy” story for their wedding! They even represented their roots down to their shoes: Kendal donned cowboy boots and Doris wore customized Nike Uptowns! Personal, inside-story touches are so special and definitely one of my favorite things about weddings. Here’s to Doris and Kendal and their many adventures to come!

xo, Gina

Event Coordination and Design: Breeze // Ceremony & Reception Venue: Magnolia Carriage House // Officiant: Rev. Kristin Barner //  Photography: Sara Bee Photography // Rentals: EventHaus //Florals: Branch Design Studio // Catering: Duvall // Cake: Delicious Desserts // Ceremony Music: Classical Charleston // Reception Music: Plane Jane

Rena + Panos


Rena (pronounced LAY-NAH) and Panos (PAH-NOS) were a gorgeous couple. Rena is Japanese and Panos is Greek. Helloooo Mr. & Mrs. McDreamy. Seriously though, not only were they a beautifully blended couple, they were so, so charming. And their ceremony & reception reflected that well. They married in the beautiful Unitarian Church in downtown Charleston. The grandeur of the stained glass windows and stunning architecture of the vaulted ceilings added a certain splendor to the ceremony.



White and shades of purple were the colors of the day. Rena loves white peonies! The guests and newlyweds enjoyed a ballroom reception at the Francis Marion in their spacious Colonial Room. Let’s talk about the table settings for a quick sec: I super love how they had their table decor! Most tables had small, delicate flower arrangements with some silver votives and a simple floating candle. A couple other tables had tall vases that housed big, full flower arrangements from Branch. Why am I so in love with how they opted to set the table? It was clean and not crowded! Even with the tall vases with the huge arrangements worked because they were tall and not in anyone’s face or crowded around dinnerware and drinks. I just loved the clean, rounded, elegant look of the decor.

Reception-41 Reception-68Reception-24Reception-8

I also really love how Rena and Panos blended their heritages into the whole day. It was such a pleasure to witness Greek orthodox tradition included in the ceremony and the waving of their respective flags as they were introduced as Mr. & Mrs! How fun! This lovely couple allowed us to experience a tiny taste of the Japanese and Greek cultures that we might not have ever observed. Thank you, Rena and Panos, for such a memorable Love celebration! Cheers!

xo, Gina



Event Coordination and Design: Breeze // Ceremony Venue: Unitarian Church // Reception venue: Francis Marion // Taylor Rae Photography // Rentals: Francis MarionConnie Duglin // Photography: Riverland Studios //Florals: Branch Design Studio // Catering: Francis Marion // Cake: Delicious Desserts // Reception Music: Other Brother Entertainment

Rebecca + Sam


Sam proposed to Rebecca at Waterfront Park. Although they live in North Carolina, Charleston is a familiar place for the couple, having visited often as children. They were married at The River House on the most perfect Saturday in May. The “alter” was simple and sweet: two knee-height wooden stands with beautiful bouquets of hydrangea. It was a very small and personal wedding filled with so much love and sweetness.


The color theme included white and hues of blue- perfect May wedding colors in my opinion! Different sizes, colors, and textures of vases, bottles, and votives decorated the tables. An assortment of beautifully full, white flowers sat in the holders. And as you can see, the cake was brilliant! It was decorated in a water color-like light blue ombre. Delicious Desserts did a superb job.

RS-76RS-32        RS-273

These high school sweet hearts were so adorable. Tears were shed as Rebecca graced the aisle and as they both read their vows. They were such an incredibly charming couple. So very sweet, and kind, and gentle. When asked what was most important about their wedding day, their response voiced their selfless characters. The most important thing to these two were others: “the people that matter most.” The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance! Rebecca, Sam- thanks for being such a Breeze to work with! 😉

xoxo, Gina



Event Coordination and Design: Breeze // Wedding Venue: The River House // Rentals: EventHausSnyderConnie Duglin Linens // Photography: Riverland Studios // Departure Transportation: Copeland Marine // Florals: Branch Design Studio // Catering: PPHG Catering // Cake: Delicious Desserts // Ceremony Music: Chris Teves Duo // Reception Music: Other Brother Entertainment