Happy Valentine’s Month!

Can you smell it?


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(You: “Smell what?”)

The LOVE in the air! 

(You: *eyeroll*)

Happy month of all things love and hearts and candy, oh my! I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that it’s not Valentine’s day that all of us cheesy romantics celebrate- it’s Valentine’s month.

“February” is this month’s real, lame name. Like my daughter’s real, lame name is “Isabelle” but her cool name that everyone knows her by is Izzy. Ya feel me? (Totally kidding about her name, by the way. Please don’t tell her I said that…)



I’ve scoured the web for tasteful Valentine’s themed wedding ideas, and I was pleasantly surprised. One of my favorite finds was this collage of ombre Valentine’s Day wedding ideas that Wedshare put together:


And this ombre floral table runner from Grey Likes Weddings made me gasp. Is this shot not so captivating?! 


Minted stuck with the traditional sweat-heart colors to put together an adorable collage that is somehow making me hungry for Valentine m&ms…



And Luv and I Do’s vintage take on a love-themed wedding is so charming!



This glitzy theme from Cherry Blossoms and Faeriewings is tons of fun with the flair of the metallic accent.



Let’s not forget about Valentine’s Day proposals!


Thinking about popping the big question this Feb. 14? If you’re feeling crafty, take a gander at this DIY Valentine’s Day Proposal Box Tutorial with step-by-step pictures (if you’re more of a visual learner like me).

These proposal ideas are adorable, simple, and super romantic! Not too much work, and definitely not lacking in thoughtfulness.


And if you’re bummed that you’re without a beau to get cheesy with this Valentine’s Day, chin up! Never let your happiness depend on others, friends. 😉 


Go out and love those around you today! You’ll be surprised what it can do for the heart. Happy loving! 🙂 

xo, Gina


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