Is Melissa Doyle still married?

Mel met her husband, John Dunlop, when she was just 23 and they’re now in their 27th year of marriage, with two grown-up children, Nick, 21, and Talia, 18.

How much does Melissa Doyle earn?

SEVEN Network host Melissa Doyle yesterday cemented her position as one of TV’s most highly paid women, signing a contract said to be worth $700,000 a year.

How old are Melissa Doyle’s kids?

Mel, who’s married to John Dunlop and is mother to Nick, 20, and Talia, 18, is very grateful to have had her whole family around her over the Christmas break.

Why did Mel leave Sunrise?

During her career, Melissa hosted several of Seven’s flagship programs, including Sunrise, Today Tonight, 7News, Sunday Night and The Latest. Her departure is believed to have been the result of the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit Seven particularly hard.

Where is Melissa Doyle working now?

Doyle currently hosts Weekend Breakfast on Smooth FM.

Who is Melissa Doyles father?

When Mel Doyle was two years old, her parents, Robert and Virginia, divorced. From the age of two to 11, she spent weekdays with her mum and weekends with her dad.

Who use to host this is your life?

Original broadcast The original series began broadcasting in Australia in 1975 on the Seven Network, with Bill Lovelock as executive producer and Mike Willesee as host. Subsequent seasons were compered by Digby Wolfe (1976) and Roger Climpson (1977–1980).

What does Samantha Armytage do now?

Samantha Armytage set to make a quiet return to Channel Seven in 2022 following her departure from Sunrise – after it was revealed she’ll next star on Farmer Wants A Wife. Samantha Armytage has quietly returned to Channel Seven after her high profile departure from the network earlier this year.

Is Monique from Sunrise divorced?

‘Monique and Tim agreed to separate a very long time ago and have continued to bring up their three beautiful children together,’ the statement read. ‘They have always been extremely private people and remain that way.

Is Melissa Doyle returning to Sunrise?

She’s back! Melissa Doyle returned to Sunrise to talk about her exciting new project which sees her working with some of Australia’s biggest names.

How long was Mel Doyle on Sunrise?

It was announced in August 2020 that Mel would be leaving Seven after an incredible 25 years with the network. During her career, she hosted several of Seven’s flagship programs, including Sunrise, Today Tonight, Sunday Night and The Latest.

Is Mel still on Sunrise?

Former Sunrise host Melissa Doyle has shared details about her exciting new role at the Seven Network – almost two years after her emotional departure. The TV presenter will be the host of the revived show This Is Your Life, set to air at 7pm on Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Who refused to appear on This Is Your Life?

Did you know. Only three people have turned down the red book: footballer Danny Blanchflower, author Richard Gordon and comedian Bill Oddie, although Gordon was later persuaded to appear, and Oddie later changed his mind.

Where is This Is Your Life filmed 2022?

Seven series hosted by Melissa Doyle is filming new eps in Sydney in June. Tickets are available for Sydney recordings of upcoming series This is Your Life hosted by Melissa Doyle.

Who Walked Off This Is Your Life?

Fourteen years ago, Angie Dickinson did the unthinkable: she walked off the television program This Is Your Life, leaving its host, Ralph Edwards, and a collection of Dickinson’s family and celebrity and hometown friends stranded on the set.

Does Sam Armytage have siblings?

Armytage is a direct descendant of George Armytage, a pioneer British settler in Australia who was involved in an attack on local Aboriginal people. She has a younger brother, Charlie.

Is Monique Wright still married to Tim Scanlan?

Weekend Sunrise co-host Monique Wright has called it quits with her husband, Tim Scanlan, after 12 years of marriage.

Is Matt Doran from Sunrise married?

Matt Doran has announced a new addition to his family after getting married to partner Kendall Bora late last year. The Weekend Sunrise presenter and his wife took to social media on Tuesday to reveal that they have taken their marriage to the next level.

Why is Sunrise host leaving?

Armytage said she had always been “brave and fearless in my career” and she needed to take a break and find some peace and calm. “I go out of this job at a time of my own choosing and on top of the ratings, which not many people on television can say they do,” she said in a statement.

Does Matt Doran have a son?

Personal life. Matt is married to Teri McPhillips. They have one son together.

Is Eddy on Sunrise pregnant again?

The presenter, who is married to Neil Varcoe, announced her pregnancy with her daughter Molly while on television in 2019, and again when she was expecting her son in 2021. Finally on March 1, 2022 the 39-year-old welcomed her newest bub, Thomas, and announced the news on Instagram.

Who is replacing Eddie on Sunrise?

She was replaced by Sam Mac.

Did Eddy from Sunrise have her baby?

Sunrise presenter Edwina ‘Eddy’ Bartholomew has given birth to a healthy baby boy named Thomas. The breakfast television star and her husband Neil Varcoe welcomed the bundle of joy into the world on Tuesday and both mum and bub are doing well.

Where do they film Sunrise?

Visit for the Sunrise live broadcast – Martin Place, Sydney Traveller Reviews – Tripadvisor.

Who did David Koch replace on Sunrise?

Koch is currently co-host Seven Network’s Sunrise breakfast program with Natalie Barr on weekdays. He was initially hired to replace Chris Reason who stepped down after a cancer diagnosis towards the end of 2002; however, his position later became permanent.

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