What are words for location?

  • area.
  • district.
  • locale.
  • neighborhood.
  • part.
  • point.
  • position.
  • region.

How do you word wedding invitations when reception and ceremony are at the same place?

Reception line If the reception will be at the same location as the ceremony, you can simply say, “Reception to follow” or “Dinner and dancing to follow.”

How do you write ceremony and reception in the same place?

All you need do is add a single line to the bottom of your ceremony invitation: Reception to follow — invitation parlance for “The reception is in the same place.” Just make sure your ushers know where to direct guests after the ceremony (and have your reception or cocktail music beckoning from inside), so everyone …

How do you mention location on an invitation?

Skip the venue street address and zip code. The most proper way to write a location, such as a ceremony or reception venue, is to only include the city and state. The only time you’d want to include a street address is in the case that there are two or more venues, within the same city and state, with the same name.

Do you need reception card if the ceremony is the same place?

If your ceremony and reception are at the same location, you do not need to include a reception card. A simple line at the bottom of the invitation that says, “Reception immediately following ceremony” will do! The exception to this rule falls primarily with destination weddings.

Can you combine ceremony and reception?

By planning on holding both the ceremony and the reception at the same place, you’re able to make this a reality. In short, most all-in-one wedding venues will allow you to do a flip, where you would hold the ceremony inside and then switch to the reception afterwards.

Can you have a wedding and reception at the same time?

Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue is the perfect way to maximize your venue budget and cut down on lag time between the two parts of the event. However, you probably want to create some definition between these two portions of your special day.

What are some advantages to hosting a wedding ceremony and reception at the same location?

  • Simplify Scheduling.
  • Eliminate Transportation Needs.
  • Create Less Hassle For Out-Of-Town Guests.
  • Coordinate With One Venue Staff.
  • Be More Convenient For Vendors.
  • Decorate One Venue.
  • Customize Easily.
  • Be More Cost Effective.

Can you invite people to the ceremony but not the reception?

Traditional etiquette states that anyone invited to your wedding ceremony has to be invited to your reception—but it doesn’t apply the other way around. That means you can 100 percent keep that ceremony small while still getting to have a party with all of your friends (and without any major faux pas).

What is the time between a wedding ceremony and reception called?

0:00 – Cocktail Hour After the ceremony, guests will head to the reception and get started mingling and enjoying cocktails and appetizers. The bride and groom generally use this time to take formal photos with the bridal party and family.

How do you indicate a location?

Answer. Answer: You can use latitude and longitude to identify specific locations. Latitude and longitude are also helpful in identifying landmarks.

What can I say instead of reception to follow?

  • Cocktails, dinner and dancing to follow.
  • ​Join us for dinner, dancing, and celebrating.
  • Fabulous food, fun, and festivities to follow.
  • Dine, dance, celebrate…
  • Some dinner, some dancing, and all eternity to follow.
  • Cocktails and merriment to follow.
  • Feasting and fun to follow.
  • Dining, dancing, and happily ever after to follow.

Do you have to put reception to follow on wedding invitation?

If your reception will be at the same location, indicate “reception to follow” to let guests know they don’t need to go anywhere else. If you’re having a reception at another location, you can either include it on the invitation or, more formally, print a reception card with the time and location.

What is the gap between ceremony and reception?

Timing is everything The key here is whether your reception and ceremony are at the same venue. If they are, then a gap of no more than an hour to 90 minutes is generally acceptable, although you will need to think about how your guests can fill in this time.

How far is too far between ceremony and reception?

Out of consideration for your guests, the two should be as close together as possible. Ideally, you want your guests to be able to witness your vows and then to celebrate with you. As a general suggestion, try to keep the travel distance under 20 miles from ceremony to reception.

What do wedding guests do between ceremony and reception?

Organize a group activity. One of the best ways to keep your guests busy during a gap between the ceremony and reception is to plan an activity, like a trolley tour of the city or a group visit to a local museum or garden.

How do you combine a traditional and white wedding in the same day?

  1. The couple goes from church and dance into the reception venue.
  2. A few minutes of MC introducing and opening the event.
  3. The couple cuts the wedding cake (non-trad cake)
  4. The Toast – guests toast to the couple.

Do guests change between wedding and reception?

One outfit for the entire day for guests is the standard protocol, though the bride may change her dress depending on the nature of the ceremony and reception. However, guests sometimes change their ensembles as well.

Can the wedding ceremony and reception be at different locations?

While this sequence of events has become the wedding norm, many couples are still opting for two separate event venues—especially those that want a more specialized ceremony space!

What should not be included in a wedding invitation?

Phrases like “no children” or “adults only” should not be included on the invitation card; who is invited will be implied by the names on the envelope. You should also leave off registry information—family and members of the wedding party can spread the word when asked about it, or you can provide it on your website.

Is it rude to skip ceremony but attend reception?

The wedding is the reason for the celebration that takes place after the ceremony. It isn’t the other way around. You are invited to witness this important event. And to attend just the reception based on differing religious views would be rude, unless an unforeseen reason came up, such as an emergency of some kind.

How long should photos be between ceremony and reception?

Allow 30 minutes post-ceremony for photos of you and your groom. If you did have a first look, you’ll still want 15-20 minutes post-ceremony for just the two of you. Save photos of very large groups (like classmates, coworkers, and large extended family groups) for the reception.

What are the 4 types of ceremony?

  • Weddings. I honestly believe that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.
  • Commitments. A way to declare your commitment and love as a couple to family and friends.
  • Renewals.
  • Rituals.
  • Namings.

What do you write in location?

Here’s how to complete their information: Place the recipient’s name on the first line. On the second line, write the building number and street name. Include the city, state and ZIP code on the final line.

What do we use to indicate the location or site?

Latitude and longitude make up the grid system that helps us identify absolute, or exact, locations on the Earth’s surface. You can use latitude and longitude to identify specific locations. Latitude and longitude are also helpful in identifying landmarks.

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