What do people do after the wedding ceremony?

Most importantly, enjoy your reception, eat well, dance up a storm and have fun. The honeymoon is next. The only thing you have to do at this time is to relax, reflect, and enjoy your new wife. When it’s all said and done and you are back from your honeymoon, your wedding responsibilities are not over just yet.

What are the games played after wedding?

  • Bouquet and Garter Toss. This tradition has a range of variations.
  • Date Night Jar. Keep things exciting for years to come!
  • Freeze Dance. Get hesitant dancers on the floor with this throwback.
  • Couple Coloring Books.
  • Stand Up, Sit Down.
  • DJ Name that Tune.
  • Ladder Golf.
  • Guest Guess Who.

What should I do after my wedding reception?

  1. Relax as Newlyweds. This is definitely the most obvious, but so important!
  2. Make it Instagram + Facebook Official.
  3. Open presents.
  4. Clean Up the Reception Venue.
  5. Pack for your Honeymoon.
  6. Spend Time with Family and Friends.
  7. Host an Informal Brunch.
  8. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day.

What can you throw after a wedding ceremony?

  • Venue-Specific Suggestions.
  • Water-Soluble Glitter.
  • Bells.
  • Paper Airplanes.
  • Flower Petals.
  • Dried Lavender.
  • Flags or Pennants.
  • Bubbles.

Should you have games at a wedding reception?

From arcade games and Mad Libs to bean bag racing and a classic game of corn hole, adding a little action to your reception, whether it be for kids or adults, is never a bad idea. Plus, wedding games are a natural way to encourage interaction and include your guests in your big day.

How can I make my wedding reception more fun?

  1. The Shoe Game. This is one of our favorite games to play at wedding receptions!
  2. Wheel of Fun.
  3. Word Search.
  4. Poker Station.
  5. Dart Art Station.
  6. Themed Photo Booth.
  7. Create a Custom Snapchat Geofilter for Your Reception.
  8. Board Game Station.

What is an after wedding party called?

As mentioned above, a celebration of marriage is the name used for a big party to celebrate the marriage union when the wedding itself is a private ceremony or elopement. It is also known as an elope party, post-elopement party, or post-wedding party.

What are post wedding blues?

What is it? To put it simply, post-wedding blues mean a feeling of melancholy after days of celebration. It is the sinking-in of the feeling that the wedding is over and marriage has begun. It is more common than you think and many new brides around the world (and sometimes their grooms, too) go through it.

What do guests do after ceremony?

When the ceremony is over, it’s customary to have a cocktail hour before the reception begins so that guests can mingle and unwind. Cocktails and appetisers are often served while guests wait for the engaged couple. Attending a cocktail party is a great way to try new drinks.

What event comes after a wedding?

After-Party Hosted by the bride and groom, this post-reception celebration is open to everyone, but the most common attendees are younger friends and family who aren’t quite ready to throw in the towel.

How do you host an after wedding party?

  1. Choose a location. This will depend on the reception venue and guest count.
  2. Time it right.
  3. Communicate details to guests.
  4. Consider decor.
  5. Factor in food and drinks.
  6. Prep for photos.
  7. Have some fun.

How can I make my wedding reception not boring?

  1. Make introductions at the rehearsal.
  2. Stick to the schedule.
  3. Don’t let guests go hungry.
  4. Plan an exit strategy.
  5. Consider your venue.
  6. Work your seating chart.
  7. Put a time limit on toasts.
  8. Bring in the entertainment.

How do you entertain guests at a reception?

  1. Live band. Incorporate live music into your wedding reception to make your guests feel like they’re at a concert!
  2. DJ and sax.
  3. Magic mirror photo booth.
  4. Ferris wheel.
  5. Bounce house.
  6. Caricatures.
  7. Acrobats.
  8. Bourbon bar (or on-hand barista to accommodate non-drinkers)

How do you entertain wedding guests at reception?

  1. Decorate your guests with flowers. Here’s a unique wedding idea we love (and your guests will too!).
  2. Party gear.
  3. Art installation.
  4. Plan a parade.
  5. Magician.
  6. Fun photobooth.
  7. Dry ice machine.
  8. Circus act.

How do I host a fun reception?

  1. Arrange Seating Thoughtfully.
  2. Hand Out Awesome Favors.
  3. Keep Toasts Short and Sweet.
  4. Have a Plan for Kids.
  5. Shake Things Up for Your First Dance.
  6. Offer an Interactive Food Station (or Two)
  7. Rethink Dinner.

Who pays for after-party wedding?

Because wedding after-parties are a relatively new wedding trend, there isn’t one person who “traditionally” pays for the party. But since a wedding after-party is an event typically hosted by the couple, it’s generally expected the couple pays for any food, drinks or entertainment at the celebration.

What does an after-party consist of?

An after-party is a party that happens after an event or after the main party. The after-party is usually smaller, less formal, and more exclusive (meaning fewer people are invited). After-parties are usually held after events like concerts, dances, weddings, and award ceremonies.

How do you throw an after-party?

  1. Step 1: Lock down a location.
  2. Step 2: Keep it entertaining.
  3. Step 3: Have some small bites available.
  4. Step 4: Keep it casual.
  5. Step 5: Promote your party!
  6. Plan your after-party with EventUp.

What is the post marriage glow?

It might last for 48 hours. Everybody knows about the glow that comes after a good session of sex. In fact, ask Indian married women and they will tell you how after marriage people tease them saying,’ You are glowing ha. ‘ This is obviously referring to sex.

What is a shivery after a wedding?

Shivaree, or chivaree, was a traditional Mountain folk custom staged during the first night that a bride and groom, following the honeymoon, moved into their new residence (even if it happened to be with relatives in their old residence).

Do you bring a gift to a post wedding party?

That said, typically many people will bring a gift to a wedding-related soiree, whether it’s an engagement party, shower, reception or post-elopement celebration. Because of the etiquette behind gifts and registries, do not put anything on the invitation about presents or — if they have one — the registry.

What do the bride and groom do after the reception?

A “Formal Exit” takes place at the end of the reception. Traditionally, after the last song of the reception is played, guests usher the bride & groom off on their honeymoon. Since it is typically at night, sparklers, glow sticks, lanterns, and even fireworks are popular options to make this exit more formal & grand!

What guests should not do at a wedding?

  • Arrive late.
  • Show up if you didn’t RSVP.
  • Bring your pet along in place of a plus one.
  • Bring one of the bride or groom’s exes along as a plus one.
  • Bring along a plus one if the RSVP card indicated not to.

How can I make a small wedding reception fun?

  1. Board games, like “Where’s George?”, “Guess Who?” or “Candyland.”
  2. Set up a photo booth with props and fun backdrops.
  3. You can display an artsy centerpiece at reception tables as people mingle before dinner is served.

How do you entertain a wedding guest without dancing?

  1. 1 Reception Games. It’s commonly known that guests always experience some type of “down time” at a wedding.
  2. 2 Lawn Games.
  3. 3 Entertainment.
  4. 4 Food, Food, & More Food!
  5. 5 Beverage Enhancements.
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