What do you put in a large space above a fireplace?

Soothing Fireplace Mantel Decor For an easy fireplace mantel decorating idea, hang a mirror in the middle and a sconce on either side. Anchor the mantel with a larger vase in front of the mirror and fill in with smaller accessories, such as vases, candlesticks, and decorative objects.

How do you cover the walls for a wedding reception?

Using a full backdrop kit is a quick and effective solution to fix ugly venue walls. Still, if you want to breathe some new life into unappealing walls, use colors and fabrics that tie into the overall theme.

How do you decorate a fireplace mantel for a wedding?

  1. Cascading greenery and florals.
  2. Asymmetrical cascade.
  3. Greenery and candles.
  4. Overflowing arrangements.
  5. Minimalistic arrangements.
  6. Center arrangement with accent candles.
  7. High to low arrangements.
  8. Gold accents.

What should I put above my modern fireplace?

  • MIRRORS. Hanging a large mirror above your fireplace is a classic way to decorate your mantel.
  • ART. You don’t need to be a fine art connoisseur to feature art you love in your home.

What is the space above the fireplace called?

Mantel. A decorative shelf added safely above the firebox opening is called the fireplace mantle. It’s one of the most commonly recognizable fireplace features and is one part of the fireplace surround.

What is the space above the fireplace mantle called?

Mantle/Mantel: Refers to the framework around the fireplace, especially the piece above the entablature that protrudes out (mantelshelf, mantelpiece). Overmantel: A decorative space above the mantle and on top of the chimney breast.

How do you fill space at a wedding reception?

  1. Lots of flowers.
  2. Cascading greenery.
  3. Olive trees to break up the height and space in the venue.
  4. Balloons to also break up the height and space in the venue.
  5. Soft seating.
  6. Cushions.
  7. Rugs (aisle, cosy corner, bar, etc)
  8. Fairy lights/festoon lights.

How do you fill a space at a reception?

  1. Flowers. Floral arrangements can be a stunning way to fill a large space at a wedding reception.
  2. Wall hangings.
  3. Long estate-style tables.
  4. Square and rectangular tables.
  5. Tall centerpieces.
  6. Strategic draping.
  7. Artistic lighting.

How do you fill a large reception hall?

  1. Use Trees to Create Closeness and Divide the Space.
  2. Make the Most of Pipe and Drape.
  3. Lower the Ceiling With Florals.
  4. Mix Up Your Seating.
  5. Get Creative With Lighting.
  6. Set Up a Lounge Space.
  7. Make a Visual Wall With Décor.
  8. Cluster Purposefully.

How do you style a high fireplace mantel?

  1. Create a focal point with one large piece. Hang a round mirror, a large piece of art, or a TV above the mantel.
  2. Decorate with decor items of varying heights.
  3. Decorate in odd numbers.
  4. Add some greenery.
  5. Choose paint colors last.

How big should a painting be over a mantel?

Rule #3 – Artwork Above a Fireplace Should Fall Between the Width of the Fireplace Opening and the Width of the Mantel. Artwork above a fireplace tends to look best when the width of the artwork is larger than the opening of the fireplace, but smaller than the overall width of the mantel.

How do you decorate a large stone fireplace mantel?

  1. Use plants as decor.
  2. Hang a wood shelf.
  3. Add a mirror.
  4. Use glass vases.
  5. Add paintings and picture frames.
  6. Use candles or lanterns in your design.
  7. Don’t add more stone pieces to the design.
  8. Avoid using dark colors on dark stone.

What can I put on top of a mantle?

  1. Picture frames.
  2. Candlesticks.
  3. Statues.
  4. Vases.
  5. Clocks.
  6. Decorative boxes.
  7. Framed prints, paintings, and mirrors (lean them against the back wall for a casual look, then layer smaller pieces in front of them)
  8. Decorative plates (on stands)

Is it OK to put a mirror above a fireplace?

The idea of hanging a mirror above it is to enhance the positive features; it’s also an auspicious Feng Shui practice to place a mirror over a fireplace as the water element of the mirror balances the fire element, thus bringing in good energy into the room.

What do you hang above a brick fireplace?

A hung tapestry warms up the brick face and adds texture and depth to the room. Coordinate the space with pillows or other textiles of the same color palette.

What material is above a fireplace?

If you live in a newer home the walls above the fireplace are likely to be drywall over standard wood studs or furring strips. Studs are usually made of 2×4’s while furring strips are only an inch wide.

Why are there mantels over fireplaces?

The purpose of a fireplace mantel was traditionally to catch smoke before it entered the room from the firebox of an open fireplace, but mantels in more modern times are used primarily for decorative and aesthetic purposes.

What is the average number of guests for a wedding reception?

According to the Brides American Wedding Study, most weddings have less than 200 guests, with the average being 167.

What do you do with the gap between wedding and reception?

  1. Keep the gap as short as you can.
  2. Organize a group activity.
  3. Provide activity ideas for your guests.
  4. Host a “mini reception.”
  5. Take your family and wedding party portraits.

How do you make a large room feel cozy for a wedding?

Opt for dark, matt colours – as a general rule, white and light colours makes a room feel more roomy, while dark colours make it feel smaller and cosier. Dark tablecloths or crockery, wooden tables, or accents in darker colours can help a lot with this!

Do parents sit together at reception?

Traditionally, the parents all sit at the same reception table, along with siblings not in the wedding party, the officiant and his or her spouse (if they attend the reception) and any grandparents.

How do you decorate a boring wedding venue?

  1. Hang Extra Lights.
  2. Bring the Outdoors In.
  3. Light Up the Room.
  4. Focus on the Details.
  5. Drape the Room.
  6. Choose Fun Linens.
  7. Divvy Up the Space.
  8. Accent With Some Sparkle.

What is the time between wedding and reception?

A break of 60 to 90 minutes is fine. Anything longer and guests will start getting antsy, but it’s impossible to avoid in some instances (like when you’re hosting a church ceremony that can only happen at 12 noon).

How do you decorate a wedding venue with high ceilings?

  1. Trail long, large floral centerpieces along long tabletops.
  2. Use tall candles to break up the space.
  3. Consider tabletop balloons tied to centerpieces in your bridal colors.

How can I make my hall look more expensive?

  1. Harness the power of mirrors. If you’re going to splurge on anything in your entryway, mirrors are the way to go.
  2. Keep fresh flowers on hand.
  3. Play with pattern and color.
  4. Rethink your lighting fixtures.
  5. Add in a statement piece.
  6. Don’t overcrowd the space.
  7. Add in some art.
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