What is Kerala Kasavu saree?

What is a kasavu sari? The term kasavu actually refers to the zari used in the border of the Kerala sari and not the sari itself. It is the name of a material used in the manufacturing process. Thus, when kasavu becomes a part of the mundu (dhoti), it’s called a kasavu mundu.

How much does a Kerala wedding saree cost?

The Traditional Kasavu Saree Suitable for all Malayali brides, you just cannot skip this one if you’re looking out for some gorgeous Kerala sarees for sure. The price range for this saree is from ₹6,000 all the way to ₹25,000.

What is Kerala wedding saree called?

The Kerala saree/set saree is a garment of utter prettiness. For those of you who are unaware it is the saree that is in shades of ivory with a gold border which is called “Kasavu”.

Which color saree is best for reception?

Green is considered as a very auspicious colour to wear on wedding day in many religions being one of the best saree colors for bride. There are many shades of green. And the darker shades of green are favourite among the brides. It looks beautiful on blushing bride.

What should I wear in Malayalam wedding?

For The Bride Kerala dress code for the bride consists of the famous Kasavu saree which is an all plain-white saree with golden border. Kasavu saree is considered as the most auspicious form of Kerala dress that woman also wear for special occasions apart from adorning it on every Hindu new year.

Which saree is famous in Kerala?

Kerala sarees, better known as Kasavu sarees, are symbolic of Kerala’s tradition and culture. The white and gold sarees are unique due to their natural hues, texture and the gold border which adds to their elegance. No occasion in Kerala feels complete without the Kasavu costume. What is a kasavu saree?

Which saree material is best for wedding?

Silk is the most common type of fabric chosen for weddings. The beauty of India is that we have a rich weaving tradition and are home to a variety of silks ranging from Kanchipuram Silk Sarees to Banarasi Silk Sarees.

What is Mallu saree called?

Now typical white or off-white garments with a gold or silver coloured border is considered traditional and is called Kerala saree or Kerala Mundu. Garments made with kasavu are long, rectangular pieces cloth called the mundu, wrapped around the lower body, and the veshti, wrapped around the upper body.

Why do malayalis wear white saree?

The White and gold saree stands out for its elegance and auspiciousness on Onam. This saree may seem less gaudy in appearance, but it is associated with a very old cultural heritage and unique art. This saree is worn by the Malayali community on various occasions like visiting temples and weddings.

Which outfit is best for reception?

  1. Ivory & Gold Embroidered Lehenga.
  2. Golden Hand Embroidered Saree Set.
  3. Pink Embroidered Anarkali Set.
  4. Blush Pink Draped Saree.
  5. Navy Blue Layered Lehenga.
  6. Blush Pink Chiffon Frilled Saree.
  7. Midnight Blue Hand Embroidered Lehenga.
  8. Grey Organza Gown With Elaborate Drapes.

Which colour is best for reception?

Which color dress is best for the reception? Rose gold, bright pink, royal blue, emerald green, and plum are some of the best colors for reception dresses.

Which type of dress is best for reception?

Some popular reception outfit choices are mini dresses, allover sequin styles, simple slip dresses, bridal suits, and jumpsuits.

Which Malayalam month is not good for marriage?

Hindu marriages are normally avoided in the Malayalam months of Midhunam, Karkatakam and Kanni.

Which cloth is wear in Kerala?

The traditional wear of the state is called ‘Mundu’ which is worn on the lower portion of the body, from the waist to the foot. It is white and is worn by both men and women. It resembles a long skirt or a dhoti. The upper garment varies with gender and age.

What is the traditional cloth of Kerala?

Though the women of Kerala generally wear saris, the traditional dress is a two-piece set known as the mundum neriyathum. The mundu is an unstitched piece of cloth that is worn around the waist. The neriyathu is worn diagonally from the left shoulder and one end is tucked in at the waist.

Which is the best brand in Kerala?

Milma was ranked No 1 among the 20 most popular brands in Kerala, according to the 5th annual brand survey conducted by Dhanam Business Magazine and Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies. Eastern and V-Guard won the second and third positions in the survey.

Which color blouse is best for Kerala saree?

Most women in kerala prefer pairing their kasavu sarees with green, maroon or red blouses but you can experiment with more jewel tones and embroidery patterns.

What is best in Kerala to buy?

  1. Spices.
  2. Tea and Coffee.
  3. Coir Handicrafts.
  4. Shell Showpieces.
  5. Kathakali Masks.
  6. Kasavu Mundu.
  7. Nettipattam.
  8. Cashews.

Which saree material is expensive?

One of the most expensive and most sought-after fabrics, silk is an exquisite material for making all kinds of sarees.

What is the softest material for saree?

Fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, georgette, and other light fabrics are the most comfortable and perfect material for daily wear sarees.

Which type of saree is most popular?

Amongst the different types of sarees of different states, the Banarsi saree is one of the most popular ones. All the way from Varanasi, these silk sarees are renowned for their patterns and motifs. Originally, the Banarsi saree was crafted only for royalty woven with real threads of gold and silver.

Can Kerala saree be washed?

Never hand-wash or machine-wash a silk saree. In case the saree gets stained, immediately wipe the stain off with cold water. It is advisable to only dry-clean silk sarees. Never hang a silk saree to dry in direct sunlight as doing so will cause the colour to fade.

What is Kadhwa saree?

The most sophisticated and intricate of handloom weaving styles from Banaras, Kadhwa is created with extra wefts on top of the base warp fabric with resham or zari wound around hand shuttles, leaving no loose floats on the back of the fabric.

What is puttu saree?

The term ‘pattu (பட்டு)’ means silk. These are the grandest form of sarees, known for their long golden borders, elegant designs, fabric texture, and craftsmanship. In Indian culture, pattu sarees are considered to be traditional and play an important role in the history of women’s clothing.

Which brand of saree is best?

  • Sabyasachi.
  • BharatSthali.
  • Manish Malhotra.
  • Fabindia.
  • Ritu Kumar.
  • Nalli.
  • Deepam.
  • Tarun Tahiliani.
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